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Make Talk Your Goal brings together leading speakers and educators for one purpose, to encourage young people to talk more about their mental health and wellbeing. The programme is unique in that it uses activities such as walking, sport, arts and group talk to facilitate conversations that help our young people self-regulate their wellbeing and become emotionally literate. 


Our programme leaders are former professional footballers, successful artists, professional rugby players, cognitive therapy specialists and educators. The programme is headed up by Chris Kirkland, Chris is a leading figure in the fight against our growing mental health crisis. He has a compelling story around his own mental health challenges which he shares on various national media platforms. Now, Chris has helped to develop this programme in order to make a real change to the lives of young people across the country and beyond. 


We tailor programmes to individual schools, colleges and other educational settings in terms of time, group type and cost. Our goal is simply to make a last change to challenge the growing issues amongst mental health amongst young people. 


Predominantly, we focus on all boy groups as research tells us that boys mental health is a key area of concern. Moreover, boys prefer to take part in such programmes in a single sex group. Our results are incredible with the young people involved reporting lasting changes to their perceptions of themselves and others who face challenges such as depression or anxiety. 


The programme has a graduated response which begins with large group work, medium size group activities and all the way to 1-1 cognitive & art therapies over a sustained period of time. Whatever your challenge, we can find the programme to make an inspiring change to your school setting.   


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